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    IEC Code

    IEC Code stands for Import Export Code and is mandatory required for conducting the import export business. In simple words, if you want to start your import export business, then you can do the same just by taking the import export code registration. The process of taking the IEC code is simple and can be obtained online. However, the process includes some technical words, hence, people prefer to outsource the IEC registration to experts.

    A very simple set of documents is required for IEC registration and the process can be completed online. has already processed more than 500 import export registration and helped thousands of exporters with their business problems. This is because export in India has been impacted at lot since GST has been implemented.

    Hence, if you want to register for Import export code (IEC Code), then just drop your query on our website or else you can call us during the working hours of our company. After receiving your query, our sales team will call you and guide you with the complete process. Once the payment is done from your side, the system will open up an order and the operation team will take up the order. A separate person will be assigned to you to complete your work.

    How to export from India

    Do you want to start the export business in India? Yes, then you are at the right place, we at mylegalbook has already advised thousands of exporters.

    To start your own export business in India, you must know the basic about the complete export procedure. We will take you through the various licenses and procedure required to be followed for import export business.

    Choose your business form

    You must select your business form like private limited company, partnership, LLP etc.

    Apply for IEC Code

    IEC code is mandatory if you want to start the import export business in India.

    RCMC Registration

    RCMC registration is mandatory if you want to start your export business.

    Hire Freight Forwarder

    Once the RCMC registration is done, the next step is to hire a freight forwarder.

    AD Code Registration

    Authorised dealer code is registered with any schedule commercial bank in India.

    Shipping Bill

    Shipping bill is generated when commercial invoice is submitted.

    Let Export Order

    Once inspection is done, custom issues the let export order (LEO).

    Export General Manifest

    Export General Manifest (EGM) is generated within 7 days of shipment.

    Documents required for IEC Code

    PAN & Photo

    PAN & photo is required for the applicant.

    ID Proof

    ID proof for the applicant is required.

    Cancelled Cheque

    Cancelled cheque of the current account is required.

    Other Documents

    Depends upon your business form please consult our team.

    *Only scan copy of all documents are required. Hard copy are required only from Non Resident Indians (NRI) or Foreign nationals.

    IEC Registration Procedure

    IEC code registration is a completely online process and can be done by anyone since it does not require any professional signature or attestation. However, IEC Code involves some technical discussion and hence, it is recommended that you should take the help of a professional so you don’t end up doing it wrong. Further, list of all the required documents must be kept in soft copy because they are required to be uploaded on the DGFT website. Also, the digital signature is mandatory in each of the case and hence it is advised to keep it handy. Further, the detailed procedure is as follows:

    # STEP 1Gather all documents : The first step is to gather all the required documents as prescribed above and sent us all in scan copy to us at No hard copy of documents is required.

    # STEP 2 – Make a Digital Signature: Once, the documents collection is over, the next step is to prepare a digital signature certificate (DSC). The DSC documents is mandatory in each of the case for IEC certification.
    # STEP 3 – Make profile on DGFT website: Since, the IEC registration procedure is completely online you need to visit the DGFT website and make your profile. Also, mobile and email should be valid as it is verified using the OTP.

    #STEP 4 – Prepare the application: After making the profile, the next step you should do is to prepare the application. Further, all the required documents are also uploaded on the IEC website at this stage only.

    # STEP 5 – Submit the application: Once the application is properly filled, the next step is to submit the application. However, it is advised to vet the application before submission.

    # STEP 6 – Application approved: Once you resubmit the application, the IEC officer will check the same. If he finds that application is correct, then he will approve the application.

    IEC Code Features

    IEC Code is allotted under foreign Trade Policy (FTP). Under FTP, there is no requirement of any compliance for IEC. IEC is very similar to PAN card. For example: If you need to pay tax or file ITR, then you must carry the PAN card similarly, if you want to import or export, then you must carry the IEC code.

    No Compliance/ No return 

    The best thing about the IEC code is that it has no compliance to maintain the same. IEC code has zero compliance and involves only one time cost.

    Lifetime Validity

    Import Export Code (IEC) once registered is valid for lifetime. IEC code does not require any renewal to be filed.

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