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Rs  5,000 + Govt fees as applicable

Important Points

success icon Government fees is based on your line of product.
success icon Mandatory requirement to claim Export Benefit in India.
success icon RCMC certificate by expert CA’s.
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    All About RCMC Registration Online in India

    What is a RCMC Registration Online?

    RCMC Registration online is a membership certificate with the export promotional council (EPC) or commodities Board of India. It is a mandatory registration requirement as per Foreign Trade Policy of India to claim any export benefit in India. RCMC stands for Registration cum Mandatory Certificate (RCMC).

    How to register RCMC online in India?

    RCMC registration in India is based on the product line of your business. The registration process of each export promotional councils are different, however, we have categorized the basic three steps for registration India:

    #Choose Export Promotional Council: The first step is to choose the applicable Export Promotional Councils (EPC) in India or commodity board in India. Once, you are sure about the product line, then you can proceed on to the next step.

    #Fill application form and attach document: Once your EPC is selected, you need to fill the application form properly and attach the concerned documents. Import Export Code (IEC) is mandatory to file for RCMC registration in India.

    #RCMC Registration CertificateAfter fulfilling the required documents RCMC registration certificate is issued

    Why to register a RCMC online in India?

    RCMC registration is required to claim any export benefit which are given under Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) in India. Hence, in case you want to claim the export benefit, you must register with Export Promotional Council in India

    Learn about RCMC

    Learn everything about RCMC filing, registration, advantages in India through our learning center.

    Documents Required for RCMC Registration Online

    Following Documents are Required

    • – IEC Code Registration Certificate (in case you don’t have? apply now).
    • – Registration Proof like Partnership/COI etc.
    • – Any other documents depends upon your product/services.

    Online RCMC Registration Process

    The time for registration of RCMC in India depends upon your Product/services.

    STEP 1

    Application for

    We prepare your RCMC application based upon your product/services.

    STEP 2

    Upload & Pay

    Once your application is filed, we upload docs and pay fees.

    STEP 3

    Wait for Approval

    Once application is filed we have to wait for the processing time.

    Requirements for RCMC Registration Online in India

    To get the RCMC registration, the main requirement is Import Export Code (IEC), without which the RCMC registration cannot start. Further, the fees of the RCMC registration depends upon the types of Export Promotional Council, also beware of the following points:

    • – Fees for RCMC depends upon the previous year turnover of the company.
    • – Under which category, you are taking registration like 5 star, 4 star, 3 star etc.
    • – In case your product line is not final, you should register under FIEO.

    Advantages of RCMC Registration in India

    success icon RCMC registration helps you to claim export benefit.

    success icon It helps you to have specific research on products.

    success icon Helps in attain international links.

    success icon Gives you the community benefit across globe.

    success icon Specific benefits as per Export Promotional Council in India.

    success icon International market opportunities.

    • Claim Export benefit
    • Global markets
    • Proper Research reports

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